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Road Accidents Scotland

Descriptionprovides detailed statistics about road accidents, accidents costs, vehicles involved, drivers and riders, drink-drive accidents, drivers breath tested, and casualties
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateDecember 10, 2002



A Scottish Executive National Statistics publication

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Conventions and enquiries
List of tables in the Statistical Tables section
1. Trends in the numbers of Road Accidents and Casualties
2. Accidents
3. Motorists, breath testing and drink-driving
4. Casualties
5. Comparisons of Scottish figures against those of other countries
The casualty reduction targets for 2010
Statistical Tables
Accident costs
Vehicles involved
Drivers and riders
Drivers breath tested
Drink-drive accidents and casualties
Annex A Calendar of events affecting road traffic
Annex B The collection of road accident statistics, and examples of forms that could be used to collect the data
Annex C Consultation with users and providers of road accident statistics, and reviews of the "Stats 19" specification and the statistical publications
Annex D Definitions used in road accident statistics
Annex E Local Government reorganisation and the Trunk Road Network
Errors in the previous edition
Reports of the results of the Road Safety research projects which were commissioned by the Scottish Executive
Scottish Executive Transport Statistics publications
Scottish Executive Statistical Services
Correspondence and Enquiries

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