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Working Together for Race Equality - The Scottish Executive's Race Equality Scheme


Working Together for Race Equality - The Scottish Executive's Race Equality Scheme


This is the Race Equality Scheme for the Scottish Executive. Its purpose is to ensure that as an organisation we are doing all we can to promote race equality. In doing so we have to identify and overhaul any function or policy that in any way discriminates against or has an adverse impact on anyone from a minority ethnic background. We have to ensure that the behaviour of the people who work for us is not racist, regardless of whether its is intentional or not. We also have to work with communities, groups, public bodies, voluntary organisations and business to promote awareness of Scotland's cultural diversity.

Promoting Equality

We are entirely comfortable with the legal requirement to promote race equality in all that we do. This scheme takes the opportunity to summarise the work we have been doing to promote equality since the establishment of the Scottish Executive in 1999. It highlights that we have embraced fully the commitment made in the Scotland Act and affirmed by the Scottish Parliament to 'mainstream' equality in the policies we make and the way we do our jobs. It shows that we are putting in place structures and systems to ensure that equality becomes an integral part of our thinking and behaviour. But we accept that more needs to be done to embed equality, including race equality, into what we do and how we do it.

Promoting Race Equality

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 drew most of its inspiration from the Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence. It highlighted the need to tackle and eradicate 'institutional racism'. The Act and the related Scottish Order of 2002 encourages public authorities to carry out their functions and make their policies in ways that eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and good race relations.

Our scheme sets out how we will meet these requirements. It shows that:

  • our policies and functions have been subject to a robust assessment of their impact on the promotion of race equality;
  • consultation will be carried out in ways that avoid racial discrimination and will engage actively with minority ethnic people, communities and groups;
  • monitoring of the impact of our functions and policies will be much more sensitive to their effect on race equality;
  • publishing of the results of consultation, reviews and reports will reflect the relevance to the promotion of race equality;
  • access to information and services provided by the Executive will become increasingly sensitive to the needs of minority ethnic people;
  • training of our staff and of those responsible for their training will be done in ways that support our commitment to promoting race equality; and
  • our duties as an employer sit comfortably with our record of promoting equality and diversity awareness amongst all the people who work for us.

Action Plans

Our scheme ends with a detailed account of how each of the Executive's departments will work to ensure that race equality is taken full account of in those functions and policies likely to have an impact on it. These action plans are drawn directly from a detailed assessment undertaken by all departments of how their activities affect the lives of and opportunities open to Scotland's minority ethnic population.


If you have any comments on our race equality scheme you can send these to Paul Smart, Development Department, Equality Unit, Scottish Executive, 2-F Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ; telephone: 0131 244 5519 or e-mail paul.smart@scotland.gsi.gov.uk


This Summary is available in a variety of community languages and can be obtained from the address above. Community language versions and alternative formats (e.g. Braille) of the whole, or parts of, the scheme itself can also be made available on request to the same address.