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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000



1. Introduction

1.1 This bulletin presents statistics on fires in Scotland. These statistics are compiled from reports submitted to the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) on fires attended by all United Kingdom (UK) local authority fire brigades in 2000. Although a variety of Scottish fire statistics are currently published annually by the DTLR, this is the first time that detailed data for the eight Scottish fire brigades have been collated and reported by the Scottish Executive in the form of a dedicated Scottish fire statistics bulletin. This new bulletin is intended to provide a detailed overview of Scottish fire statistics over the past decade, at a brigade and Scotland level with comparison with the other UK countries. (Further details of the background and basis of the statistics are given in the Notes in the Annex).

1.2 The need for a dedicated Scottish fire statistics bulletin was identified by HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services. The Fire Services Inspectorate currently report a small range of Scottish fire statistics annually in "HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland Annual Report" but were keen to broaden this out in the form of a dedicated Scottish fire statistics bulletin. This detailed analysis, supported by the Scottish Executive Justice Statistics Unit, will provide significant improvement in the interpretation of available data. This will progressively enable a clearer picture to emerge regarding the impact of fire in Scotland and the nature of fire service operational activity. Monitoring trends in this way is seen as an important step in shaping fire service policy to improve public safety.

1.3 A number of figures in the following paragraphs have been rounded to the nearest hundred. All percentages are based on actual values.