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Programme for Government 2014-15 - One Scotland

Bills 2014-15

Programme for Government 2014-15

  • Budget Bill
  • Education Bill
  • Higher Education Governance Bill
  • Carers' Bill
  • Public Health Bill
  • Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill

Programme for Government 2014-15

  • Fatal Accident Inquiries Bill
  • Community Justice Bill
  • Land Reform Bill
  • Succession Bill
  • Harbours Bill
  • Community Charge Debt Bill


One Scotland - Programme for Government 2014-15

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ISBN: 9781784129453

The Government’s Programme for Scotland 2014-15. The document sets out the legislation for the coming year, as well as summarising the Scottish Government's key achievements and main goals for the future - both legislative and non-legislative.

Programme for Government 2014-15. People’s stories

  • Living Wage
    Dylan Smith from Standard Life reveals how the Living Wage has helped him.
  • People & Communities Fund
    Douglas Johnston, a director of the Gargunnock Community Trust, talks about the People and Communities Fund.
  • Support for Scottish businesses
    Amanda Frazer, B&B owner from Newtonmore, on how her business has benefitted from the Small Business Bonus Scheme.
  • Help to Buy
    Builder, William Brown, talks about the benefits of the Help to Buy scheme to home buyers and builders.
  • NHS Funding
    Tracy McConnell, an award-winning nursing assistant, gives her experience of providing outstanding care for a patient with anorexia.
  • Carers' Bill
    Donald Macleod, a full-time carer from Inverness, welcomes the Scottish Government's continued support for carers through the Carers' Bill.
  • Modern Apprenticeship
    Ashleigh Smart, a ScotRail conductor, talks about how the Modern Apprenticeship programme boosted her career opportunities.
  • Education & Attainment
    Head Teacher Graeme Young welcomes an increased focus on improving attainment from the outset of a pupil’s education journey.
  • 50/50 gender split on boards
    Bonnie Clarke, Director at Badenoch & Clark, explains why she supports a 50/50 quota on boards.
  • Domestic Abuse
    Domestic abuse survivor Ghazala Hakeem reveals her experiences.
  • Land Reform
    Huw Francis, Chief Executive of Stòras Uibhist, talks about the benefits from community buyouts.