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Consultations Archive

Consultations that pre-date 2004.

Consultations Archive

Consultations that pre-date 2004.


The Gaelic Language Bill Consultation Paper

English version of Bill and consultation document


Amendment and Consolidation of the Seed Marketing Regulations in Scotland

Notification of the amendment and consolidation of the 5 regulations on the marketing of cereal, fodder, oil & fibre, beet and vegetable seeds. Comments requested.


CAP Reform: Opportunities for Scotland

Consultation Document


Private Hire Vehicles (Carriage of Guide Dogs etc) Act 2002 - The Private Hire Car Drivers’ Licences (Carriage of Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs) (Scotland) Regulations

Consultation on regulations requiring drivers of private hire cars to carry assistance dogs accompanying a disabled person and to do so at no extra charge.


Consultation Paper on Improving Controls on Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds in Scotland

Executive proposals to improve controls on emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds used in industrial activities.


Waste Incineration (Scotland) Regulations: Practical Guidance

Requesting comments on proposed guidance to the Waste Incineration (Scotland) Regulations 2003


Review of Drug Treatment and Rehabiliation Services

consultation document seeking views on review of drug treatment and rehab services.


The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service: Proposals for Legislation

A consultation paper containing proposals for a Fire and Rescue Services Bill


Civil Partnership Registration

Consultation on provision of legal status for committed same-sex couples in Scotland


The Code of Practice: Draft Consultation Document - Healthcare Associated Infection Task Force

The Code of Practice provides guidance for the delivery of safe clinical care through the management of hygiene and HAI in the healthcare environment.


Assessment, Testing and Reporting 3-14: Consultation on Partnership Commitments

Consultation on proposed changes to arrangements for assessment, testing and reporting for children aged 3-14


Review of the Crofters etc Building Grants and Loans Scheme (CBGLS) 2003 Consultation Paper

Review of the CBGLS grants scheme and possible relocation of staff


Scotland's Transport Proposals for a new approach to transport in Scotland

consultation on new transport agency and regional partnerships


Consultation on Restricting the Marketing and Use of Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs) in Scotland

Executive proposals to ban marketing of use of SCCPs in metalworking and leather finishing to enhance environmental protection.


River Basin Districts - Proposals for Scotland

Contains legislative intentions for the implementation of the designation of River Basin Districts in Scotland and in the cross border area with England.


The Nicholson Committee Report on Liquor Licensing Law consultation letter

Contact details for the The Nicholson Committee Report on the Review of Liquor Licensing in Scotland.


Environmental Assessment of Development Plans

Contains advice on how the likely environmental effects of structure and local plans can be assessed.


Draft Secondary Guidance on the duty on Accountable Officers to ensure arrangements are in place to secure Best Value.

Best Value across the Wider Public Sector: Secondary Guidance on Best Value for Accountable Officers designated under the terms of the Public Finance & Accountability (Scotland) Act.


Amendment of the Seeds (National Lists of Varieties) Regulations 2001

Consultation Document relating to amendment of Seeds Regulations


Public Performance Reporting: Statutory Guidance

Consultation Document