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We support well-being and resilience in communities through physical activity and sport

This outcome is about the development of communities through sport and physical activity, rather than developing sport in communities.  Sport and physical activity can be a means to develop wider social outcomes in communities, for example education, employment and crime related outcomes. It is about harnessing the power of sport and physical activity to improve resilience in communities and is referred to as sport for change.1

The NSG evidence subgroup is currently working with partners to understand better the evidence base around Sport for Change and develop a broader set of indicators for this outcomes.

Community Safety for Play

Safety for play

In 2016, 80% of parents felt it was either very or fairly safe for their child to go to the play areas in their local area with 2 or 3 friends.

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Safety of Neighbourhood fo Walking

Neighbourhood safety
This indicator will be updated in early 2018.
In 2014/15, the majority of adults (72%) said that they felt very or fairly safe  walking alone in their local area after dark.
Perception of safety walking alone at night in the local area has increased since 2008/9.

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active vol workforce

Active volunteering
In 2016, 5% of adults provided unpaid help with either coaching or organising of sports/exercise in the past 12 months.

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1 The Evidence Sub-Group of the NSG who have developed the framework recognise that this is one of the more difficult outcomes to measure progress.  Indicators are currently selected which link physical activity and community safety.