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Children's Active Play


Active play

Current Status

In 2016, 45% of children age 2-12 years did at least 30 minutes or more of active play every day of the week.

Indicator Measure

Proportion of children age 2-12 years who do at least 30 or more minutes of active play every day of the week. The assumption is made that secondary school children age 13-15 (especially girls) may not regard what they do as active play and, therefore, this measure excludes this older age group.


Active play includes less structured activities, like riding a bike, kicking a ball around, running about, playing active games or jumping around. Children were asked whether they had taken part in this kind of 'active play' in the last week, and how many week and weekend days they had done so.

How is Scotland doing?

The percentage of children doing at least 30 minutes of active play every day has risen from 42% in 2015 to 45% in 2016.


This measure is calculated specifically for this indicator. It uses data from the Scottish Health Survey which is not published routinely.


Scottish Health Survey

What more do we know about this Indicator?

Information on equality issues for this indicator can be found here. The equalities information will be updated with the 2016 findings early in 2018.