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Active Travel to School


Child active travel

Current Status

In 2016, 53% of pupils reported that they normally walk or cycle to school.

Indicator Measure

Children in full time education - usual method of travel to school, percentage who either walk or cycle.


Active travel to school including walking and cycling.

How is Scotland doing?

Active travel to school has remained stable over the past five years


The data is available from this page.


Scottish Household Survey - Transport Statistics

What more do we know about this Indicator?

A similar percentage of girls and boys walk to school (52% compared to 51%).

Primary school pupils walk to school more than secondary age pupils (c. 59% for ages 4-11 compared to around 42% for those aged 12-15).

Children from the most deprived areas tend to walk to school more than those from the least deprived areas, (56% and 48% respectively).

Further information on equality issues for this indicator can be found here. The equalities information will be updated with the 2016 findings early in 2018.