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Satisfaction with Leisure Facilities


Satisfaction with leisure facilities

Current Status

In 2016, 50% of adults were very or fairly satisfied with local authority sports and leisure facilities.

Indicator Measure

Satisfaction with local authority sports and leisure facilities (the question includes both users and non-users of the service).

This is also a Commonwealth Games legacy indicator legacy indicator.


This indicator is concerned only with sports and leisure facilities that are run by local authorities.

How is Scotland doing?

This indicator tracks the satisfaction of all adults with sports and leisure facilities provided by their local authorities, whether or not they actually use them. Satisfaction with sports and leisure facilities has remained relatively stable over the past five years. When looking at only those who had used the services in the last year, 87% indicated they were very or fairly satisfied.


The data is available from this page.


Scottish Household Survey

What more do we know about this Indicator?


Further detail on equality issues related to this indicator can be found here. The equalities information will be updated with the 2016 findings early in 2018.