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Greenspace Accessibility


Greenspace accessibility

Current Status

More than two-thirds (65%) of adults in Scotland in 2016 had access to a local greenspace within a five minute walk from their home.

Indicator Measure

Percentage of adults with access to a useable local greenspace that is within a five minute walk from their home.


Greenspace is defined in the SHS as a park, green or other area of grass in the neighbourhood (but excludes private gardens).

How is Scotland doing?

The proportion of adults who have greenspace within a five minute walk from their home has remained relatively stable at 68% in 2013, 69% in 2014 and 65% in 2016.


The data is available from this page.


Scottish Household Survey

What more do we know about this Indicator?

Individuals are more likely to use greenspace if they are closer to it. In 2016, 45% of those within 5 minutes’ walk of the nearest greenspace reported using it at least once a week. Of those who lived 6-10 minutes’ walk away only 21% reported a similar level of usage.

Most adults (75%) described themselves as being satisfied with their nearest area of greenspace, a similar proportion to 2015.

A higher proportion of individuals living in the 20% most deprived areas of Scotland reported having to walk at least 11 minutes to their nearest greenspace (17%) compared to those living in the 20% least deprived areas (11%).

Further detail on equality issues related to this indicator can be found here. The equalities information will be updated with the 2016 findings early in 2018.