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We improve our active infrastructure – people and places

This outcome is about improving the infrastructure in Scotland that enables physical activity.  This includes the sports and exercise infrastructure and the built and natural environment.  Critically, it is also about enhancing the people side of Scotland’s active infrastructure, the parents, volunteers, teachers, coaches and leaders who play a vital role enabling more people to be more active, more often.

Evidence on what works to encourage an increase in the amount people walk or cycle for travel or recreation purposes is available from NICE Guidance PH41 (2012) Walking and cycling: local measures to promote walking and cycling as forms of travel or recreation. This guidance was reviewed in 2016 but as no evidence was found to support any changes being made none were. The full details of the review are available from the NICE website.

Evidence on what environmental changes work to increase physical activity is available from NICE Guidance PH8 (2008)  Physical Activity and the Environment.


Satisfaction with Leisure Facilities

Satisfaction with leisure facilities
In 2016, 50% of adults were very or fairly satisfied with local authority sports and leisure facilities.
Over 50% of all respondents (including non-users) have been very or fairly satisfied with local authority run sports and leisure facilities since 2011.

Greenspace Accessibility

Greenspace accessibility

More than two-thirds (65%) of adults in Scotland in 2016 had access to a local greenspace within a five minute walk from their home.

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Adult active travel

Adult active travel
In 2016, 69% of adults had walked as a means of transport on at least one day in the past week.
Levels of walking for transport have increased over the past four years.

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