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Trends in Active Outcomes

Active Scotland Outcomes Framework Dashboard

This dashboard presents a high level summary of the latest data and trends for the indicators in the Framework. Refer to individual outcomes and indicators for further detail.

Information dashboard

The broad picture from the dashboard of trends below is that physical activity is generally stable or improving across the measures assessed in the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework. Although about a fifth of the adult population are inactive, other areas are more positive. Active people are getting more active; recreational walking has seen a big increase; PE provision and active play are stable; the infrastructure to support physical activity is improving; people feel safer walking alone in their neighbourhoods; and participation in sport is stable among adults, with a stall in the decline that was an issue a few years ago among children.

Many challenges remain, however, not least with respect to tackling inequalities, and when compared to other countries in the World, it is clear that further improvements are required and possible. The Global Observatory for Physical Activity has produced a series of country score cards, including one for Scotland and the other home countries in the UK which give an indication of the international standing of Scotland in 2013 in relation to physical activity.