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Vision: A More Active Scotland Physical activity is about getting people moving. Daily walking, playing in a park, goingt o a gym, training with a team or aspiring to win a gold medal - it doesn't matter how people get active, it just matters that we do. Being physically active contributes to our personal, community and national wellbeing. Our vision is of a Scotland where more people are more active, more often.National OutcomesBusiness, Employment, Research and Innovation, Young people, Early Years, Healthier, Inequalities Tackled, Life Chances, Safe from Crime, Sustainable places, Resilient Communities, Environment valued, National Identity, Impact on environment, Older people supported, Public Services Active Scotland OutcomesWe encourage and enable the inactive to be more active We encourage and enable the active to stay active throughout life We develop physical confidence and competence from the earliest ageWe improve our active infrastructure - people and places We support wellbeing and resilience in communities through physical activity and sport We improve opportunities to participate, progress and achieve in sportOur Commitment to Equality Underpins Everything we do

Active Scotland Outcomes Framework

Taking part in physical activity is recognised to lead to a wide range of benefits, not least to individual health. We are all encouraged to be active with guidelines from UK Chief Medical Officers for adults and children.

The Active Scotland Outcomes Framework describes Scotland’s ambitions for sport and physical activity.  Active Scotland Outcomes contribute to the delivery of National Outcomes and ultimately to the Scottish Government's overarching purpose of creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish.  The framework has been developed collectively with partners through the National Strategic Group for Sport and Physical Activity (NSG), chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport.

The framework describes the key outcomes desired for sport and physical activity in Scotland over the next ten years. Success will rely on the collective efforts of communities, individuals and a wide range of partners. Key data and evidence informing progress towards the outcomes is available by clicking on each outcome to see relevant indicators.  The headline measure of progress is the proportion of the population who meet the recommended level of physical activity. This is a National Indicator – click on the Vision for more information.

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