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HEAT Target

Current Status

There was a provisional 11.2 per cent decrease in the rate of occupied bed days for patients aged 75+ who were admitted in 2013/14 compared with the target baseline.  There were 5,421 bed days per 1,000 population in 2009/10 compared to 4,815 in 2013/14.

HEAT Target

Reduce the rate of emergency inpatient bed days for people aged 75 and over per 1,000 population by at least 12% between 2009/10 and 2014/15

Emergency bed days 75+

Why is this HEAT target important?

An emergency (ie unplanned) admission to hospital may be the right course of action for an older person who has a potentially serious or life threatening health problem that needs urgent specialist investigation or treatment in hospital. However for some older people an admission to hospital can be followed by complications such as a serious loss of confidence and confusion that prolong their stay, compromising their independence and ability to return home quickly. While rehabilitation can minimise this risk it is important to prevent avoidable emergency admissions wherever possible and to enable older people to return home as soon as is safe and practicable.

The target is framed to encourage the development of proactive community support; planning ahead to manage anticipated crises; earlier access to specialist assessment and treatment at home, in the accident and emergency unit or within hospital; and better co-ordination of health and social care support to enable a timely, safe and supported return home. The NHS and its community care partners, Local Authorities, are fully committed to this approach that is intended to ensure older people receive the best possible care whenever they need it.

How are we performing?

Target due for delivery in 2014/15

The target is to achieve a reduction of occupied emergency bed days, in acute specialties, for patients aged 75+ per 1000 population by at least 12 per cent between 2009/10 and 2014/15.

Across Scotland, the rate of emergency bed days per 1,000 patients aged 75 and over has reduced by a provisional 11.2 per cent from 5,421 in 2009/10 to 4,815 in 2013/14. The rate of emergency bed days is likely to increase in future publications. Due to the implementation of a new patient management system in NHS Highland, the Board have been unable to submit complete SMR01 data to ISD since January 2014.

The graph below shows emergency bed days for patients aged 75+ (per 1,000 population) since 2004/05.

Emergency bed days for patients aged 75+ (per 1,000 population) since 2004-05 - Mar 2015

NHS Board level performance is shown in the table below.

Occupied bed days per 1,000 population (75+) by NHS Board, 2013/14 and NHS Board targets.

NHS Board 2013/14 Target 2014/15
NHS AYRSHIRE & ARRAN 4,842 4,078
NHS BORDERS 3,597 3,685
NHS FIFE 4,895 4,998
NHS FORTH VALLEY 4,271 3,964
NHS GRAMPIAN 3,846 3,558
NHS HIGHLAND 4,396 4,528
NHS LOTHIAN 5,448 4,709
NHS ORKNEY 3,639 3,826
NHS SHETLAND 4,272 3,497
NHS TAYSIDE 4,525 3,978
NHSSCOTLAND 4,815 4,517


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