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Housing and Regeneration Outcomes Framework

What outcomes would we like to achieve for housing and communities in Scotland?

The Scottish Government’s desired future state for housing and regeneration is described in the vision statements below:

Housing Vision: All people in Scotland live in high quality sustainable homes that they can afford and that meet their needs.
Regeneration Vision: A Scotland where our most disadvantaged communities are supported and where all places are sustainable and promote well-being.

There are four key outcomes the Scottish Government would like to achieve for housing and communities in Scotland.

Housing and Regeneration outcomes

Outcomes focussed working helps public services and other key contributors to work together effectively to make a difference to the quality of life and experience for the people of Scotland.  It shifts the focus of policy from being on processes and inputs, to a greater emphasis on the impact that the policy and its delivery has.  Setting out the vision and outcomes for housing and regeneration nationally enables the Scottish Government and external partners to adopt a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved for people, homes and communities across Scotland.

The following links provide detail about different aspects of the Housing and Regeneration outcomes, including their development and measurement:

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