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Aligned frameworks

These are examples of other Scottish Government frameworks that contribute to the delivery of our Purpose and National Outcomes:

Active Scotland
The Active Scotland Outcomes Framework describes Scotland’s ambitions for sport and physical activity. This content is not being updated. You can find the latest information on our Outcomes Framework website

Commonwealth Games 2014
Outcome indicators give a broad picture of how we are progressing against legacy outcomes, as well as helping to address some of the key research questions which will be answered as part of the Games Legacy Evaluation.

Equality Breakdown
Equality breakdowns illustrate how protected groups are progressing towards the achievement of National Outcomes, particularly ‘we have tackled the significant inequalities in Scottish society’.

Housing and Regeneration
The Housing and Regeneration Outcomes Framework sets out the vision and outcomes for housing and regeneration and how it nationally enables the Scottish Government and external partners to adopt a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved for people, homes and communities across Scotland.

The Justice Dashboard provides an overview of progress towards improving justice outcomes. It displays information on selected high-level measures for each of the eight justice outcomes within the overarching Justice Strategy.

The Sustainable Public Prioritisation Tool has been designed to aid all procuring organisations across the Scottish Public Sector. It has been designed to bring a standard, structured approach to the assessment of spend categories. Underpinned by the National Outcomes, it focuses on the Government's Purpose and supports the outcomes-based approach to public procurement.