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Healthier Lives

We live longer, healthier lives

Healthier LivesWhy is this National Outcome important?

Securing longer healthier lives for the people of Scotland will always be a top priority for governments and individuals alike. There are significant challenges which can only be addressed by everyone in Scotland working together, pursuing this goal through improving lifestyles and life circumstances, and a shared ownership of an effective NHS.

We can make a significant contribution to the Government's Purpose by increasing the amount of time people spend in good health, by increasing their ability to take part in the workforce, by improving productivity and through population growth. In combination, these factors will promote economic sustainability.

What will influence this National Outcome?

The main challenges to improving health in Scotland are:

  • An ageing population
  • Persistent health inequalities
  • A continuing shift in the pattern of disease towards long term conditions
  • Growing numbers of people with multiple conditions and complex needs

We will go a long way towards achieving our aim of longer and healthier lives for the people of Scotland if we are able to work across all areas of Government, as well as with other public and private services and with individuals.

What is the Government's role?

  • We will pursue the ambitious and challenging action plan set out in 'Better Health Better Care'
  • We will work across all boundaries with expectant mothers and infants to provide them with the best opportunities to secure healthy and fulfilled lives
  • We will continue to develop our approaches to anticipatory care, supporting early intervention to reduce risks associated with a range of factors including smoking, alcohol, mental illness, poor mental well-being, learning disability and physical ill-health
  • We will work with the NHS, local authorities and the Third Sector to develop support for carers so that they may continue to care for and sustain their own health
  • We will continue to work with NHS Scotland and local authorities to deliver the full range of health care services to Scotland in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, with the right skills
  • We will ensure that NHS Scotland maximises its productivity through continuous improvement in clinical practice, and further initiatives to deliver best value

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