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We live in a Scotland that is the most attractive place for doing business in Europe

BusinessWhy is this National Outcome important?

Successful economies require a competitive business environment - one that is friendly to enterprise and attractive to entrepreneurs, inward investors and skilled migrants.

Scotland's businesses are the principal driver of increased productivity, employment growth, competition and innovation. Growing businesses bolster prosperity at a personal and national level, and the income that they generate underpins significant improvements in people's standards of living and in the quality of our public services.

What will influence this National Outcome?

If we are to create an attractive and supportive environment for business we need every one of our strategies to work in unison. This includes: the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce; effective government; a world-class research base; a well-connected domestic and international transport infrastructure; and a welcoming culture that attracts talent to live and work in Scotland.

What is the Government's role?

Our role is to foster the conditions that will give Scotland a competitive edge. We do this by taking actions that will improve the attractiveness of Scotland as a place to do business. We are taking action to reward success; break through the barriers to economic growth; and enhance Scotland's reputation worldwide, unlocking the Scottish economy's potential to prosper in an increasingly global marketplace.

Our strategic approach includes significant initiatives around business taxation, planning, innovation and Research & Development, support for key sectors, improved infrastructure, reform of the enterprise networks and support for social enterprise.

Focused enterprise support and a competitive tax regime are central to a wealthier and fairer Scotland. Scotland should be seen as a great place to do business, both at home and abroad, with key companies and sectors seen as market leaders. We must also continue to equip our people and encourage the full use of their skills. We need to harness the research of our world class universities, promote greater knowledge transfer and bolster innovation.

We also want Scotland to be seen internationally as a truly innovative and productive nation. Through our trade and investment agency, Scottish Development International (SDI), we are continuing to support Scottish businesses that want to trade in overseas markets, helping them to develop partnerships with foreign organisations, license their products, processes and technologies and make their own foreign direct investments.

Together, these approaches will help to build a supportive and attractive environment for Scottish business and develop Scotland's future comparative advantage.

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