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National Performance

Scotland Performs

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Our public services are high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive to local people's needs

Why is this National Outcome important?

The people of Scotland attach the highest value to their public services. The quality of those services is part of the bedrock on which our society and future prosperity depends, and is crucial in shaping a more successful, wealthier and fairer Scotland.

Better and more efficient public services enhance our quality of life, support sustainable economic growth and assure those who fund and rely on public services that they are responsive, provide value for money and are continually improving.

What will influence this National Outcome?

The achievement of this outcome will be determined by the ability of public services to develop and deliver person centred services and to contribute effectively to Scotland's future prosperity. Public services must also prioritise the issues that matter most to people, ensuring the focus of public spending and action builds on the assets and potential of the individual, the family and the community. Collaboration across public services will underpin the Government's efforts to reform public services.

What is the Government's role?

The 2015-16 Programme for Government reiterated a public service reform agenda built on the four pillars of the Christie report. The Government will continue with an ongoing programme of reform to equip Scotland's public services to meet the challenges ahead.

The rights and duties in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 enshrine the Government’s commitment to empowering local communities and giving them more of a say in the design and delivery of services which affect them. 

We will also:

  • Tackle waste, duplication and inefficiency as a top priority and will encourage the swifter adoption of proven strategies for improvement and reforms.

  • Create the conditions for every child to have an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of background. We will continue to narrow the attainment gap and drive up standards.

  • Develop a health system focused on prevention, anticipation and supported self-management. Person-centred, with care provided to the highest standard of quality and safety and the integration of health and social care services

  • Continue to tackle the deep-seated inequalities across our society.

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Related National Indicators

l Increase the proportion of pre-school centres receiving positive inspection reports

l Increase the proportion of schools receiving positive inspection reports

down Improve levels of educational attainment

 Increase the proportion of young people in learning, training or work

l Increase the proportion of graduates in positive destinations

up Improve Children's Services

l Improve end of life care

 Improve support for people with care needs

l Reduce emergency admissions to hospital

up Improve the quality of healthcare experience

 Reduce reconviction rates

 Improve people's perceptions of the quality of public services

l Improve the responsiveness of public services

up Improve access to suitable housing options for those in housing need