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National Performance

Scotland Performs

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We take pride in a strong, fair and inclusive national identity

Why is this National Outcome important?

Scotland's national and cultural identity is defined by our sense of place, sense of history and sense of self. It is defined by what it means to be Scottish; to live in a modern Scotland; to have an affinity to Scotland; and to be able to participate in Scottish society.

A flourishing economy and society depend on ambition and self-confidence  in Scotland and on Scotland's effective integration into the European and global economy. Our international reputation will influence the extent to which people see Scotland as a great place in which to live, learn, visit, work, do business and invest.

A good quality of life and a strong, fair and inclusive national identity are important if Scotland is to prosper and if we are to achieve sustainable economic growth.

What will influence this National Outcome?

We want all of Scotland's people to take pride in their country. However, the factors that affect this are wide-ranging and complex. These include:

  • The quality of our landscapes and cityscapes

  • Our heritage and our diverse and vibrant cultural life

  • The influence that new Scots bring to our communities

  • Our international development agenda

  • The awareness and advocacy for Scotland by the Scots Diaspora

  • Our education system and our success in ensuring that our young people are confident individuals and responsible citizens

  • Our languages and the place of Gaelic within our communities

  • Our international profile as a world class events destination

  • The place of key events and festivals in the Scottish calendar

Internationally, the perceptions that others have of our identity and our reputation are governed by their long-held beliefs and assumptions. We can influence these by what we do, how we behave and how well we tell people about Scotland's achievements.

What is the Government's role?

Scotland's identity is owned by its people, but Government has a key part to play in building pride in a strong, fair and inclusive national identity through its ability to lead, act and communicate.

Our role includes:

  • Raising awareness of social issues through public campaigns, and achieving equality of opportunity for Scotland's communities and faith groups to share equitably in Scotland's success

  • Working with local authorities, national and built heritage bodies and our creative industries to help all communities explore and celebrate their local and national culture and creativity, and share this around the world

  • Promoting and protecting our natural and historic built environments and developing Scotland as a green tourism destination

  • Attracting the brightest and best international talent, to support Scottish businesses overseas, and secure inward investment

  • Working with key partners and stakeholders to promote and protect our natural assets, while investing in green tourism and renewable energy technologies

  • Representing Scotland in the European Union, ensuring our interests are promoted and protected and our reputation enhanced

  • Making Scotland a great place to live, work or visit and helping to manage our reputation as an independent minded and responsible nation

  • Fostering our sense of belonging by supporting and promoting cultural and creative opportunities, events, festivals and by celebrating key dates in the Scottish calendar

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 Improve Scotland's reputation

d Improve the skill profile of the population

 Reduce the pay gap

down Improve levels of educational attainment

 Increase the proportion of young people in learning, training and work

 Reduce the proportion of individuals living in poverty

 Reduce children's deprivation

up Improve access to suitable housing options for those in housing need

 Increase cultural engagement

l Improve the state of Scotland's historic sites

up Improve the condition of protected nature sites