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We live longer, healthier lives

Why is this National Outcome important?

Securing longer healthier lives for the people of Scotland will always be a top priority for governments and individuals alike. There are significant challenges which can only be addressed by everyone in Scotland working together, pursuing this goal through improving lifestyles and life circumstances. There must be a shared responsibility for the promotion of good health supported by an effective NHS when people need recourse to healthcare services.

What will influence this National Outcome?

The main challenges to improving health in Scotland are:

  • Persistent health inequalities and poor patterns of population health

  • Increased demand from an ageing population, with growing increased multiple conditions and complex needs

  • A continuing shift towards long term conditions

  • Increasing expectations from new drugs, treatments and technologies

What is the Government's role?

The Scottish Government is continuing to protect the most vulnerable in our society through early intervention, by ensuring our children get the best start in life and by promoting equality.

We are achieving sustainable, world-leading quality in healthcare, ensuring that people can be in their own homes and communities when possible and appropriate, and that they have safe and good experiences of health and social care services.

We are maximising value through the integration of health and social care provision, by supporting the people delivering health and care services, and through increased efficiency. We are also supporting carers to look after and sustain their own health.

We are continuing to address the significant health inequalities by investing in the early years and supporting wider preventative services.

We are continuing to support early intervention to reduce risks associated with a range of factors including smoking, alcohol, obesity, poor mental wellbeing, learning disability and physical ill-health.

We are establishing new approaches to detecting cancer early, to the provision of major trauma services and to palliative care.

We are reforming primary care to adapt to the needs of patients, with GPs at the heart of multidisciplinary teams managing health needs from within local communities.

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Safer and Stronger


Wealthier and Fairer


Related National Indicators

up Improve children's dental health

l Increase the proportion of babies with a healthy birth weight

down Increase the proportion of healthy weight children

 Increase physical activity

down Improve self-assessed general health

l Improve Mental Wellbeing

l Reduce premature mortality

 Improve support for people with care needs

l Reduce emergency admissions to hospital

up Improve the quality of healthcare experience

 Reduce the percentage of adults who smoke

down Reduce alcohol related hospital admissions

 Reduce the number of individuals with problem drug use

d Reduce deaths on Scotland's roads

l Improve access to local greenspace

l Increase natural capital

l Increase the proportion of journeys to work made by public or active transport