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National Performance

Scotland Performs

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We live in a Scotland that is the most attractive place for doing business in Europe

Why is this National Outcome important?

Our ability to prosper will depend on the ambition, growth and performance of Scotland's businesses. The ability of Scottish businesses to succeed will depend upon actions taken across all Strategic Priorities to create an environment in Scotland which supports companies to grow, innovate and enter new markets and which ensures that Scotland remains a highly attractive location for international investment.

What will influence this National Outcome?

The ability of our businesses to grow and be successful will depend upon:

  • A diverse, robust and adaptive company base

  • A skilled, educated and adaptable workforce

  • Utilising Scotland's natural and energy resources more efficiently

  • A thriving and dynamic innovation ecosystem essential for improved productivity, competitiveness and growth

  • A culture of workplace innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity and international ambition

  • A robust and reliable physical and digital infrastructure that helps businesses grow and compete internationally

  • Speedy access to appropriate and affordable finance

  • A competitive tax regime

  • A consumer protection and competition regime that will ensure informed and empowered consumers

  • A planning and development regime which ensures greater certainty and speed of decision making


What is the Government's role?

Our role is to foster the conditions that will give Scotland a competitive edge. We are taking action to break through the barriers to economic growth; working to boost productivity; making connections to achieve investment and growth; enhancing Scotland's reputation worldwide; and tackling inequalities and promoting fair work.

Our strategic approach includes significant initiatives around business taxation, planning, innovation, support for growth companies, improved infrastructure, supporting and encouraging exporting, access to finance and support for social enterprise.

Related Strategic Objective

Wealthier and Fairer

Related National Indicators

up Increase the number of businesses

up Increase exports

up Improve digital infrastructure

 Reduce traffic congestion

 Improve Scotland's reputation

 Increase research and development spending

up Improve knowledge exchange from university research

d Improve the skill profile of the population

 Reduce underemployment

up Reduce the proportion of employees earning less than the Living Wage

 Reduce the pay gap

down Improve levels of educational attainment

l Increase the proportion of graduates in positive destinations