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Smarter Strategic Objective

A Smarter Scotland

The Government's Smarter Strategic Objective is to expand opportunities for people in Scotland to succeed from nurture through to life long learning ensuring higher and more widely shared achievements.

By making Scotland smarter, we will:

  • Lay the foundations for the future wellbeing and achievement of our children and young people
  • Increase skill levels across the population
  • Better channel the outputs of our universities and colleges into sustainable wealth creation, especially participation, productivity and economic growth.


A smarter Scotland will help drive wealth creation and equity by putting opportunities to succeed within everyone's reach and making full use of people's skills. Investing in and applying learning will help to generate the attitudes, ideas and technologies which protect and improve health, wellbeing and the environment. A smarter Scotland will also underpin greater social and economic cohesion, by ensuring that education plays a key role in building stronger and more resilient families and communities.

Smarter Outcomes

Smarter Outcomes

We aim to deliver a Smarter Scotland through all 16 National Outcomes, with a focus on the following: