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Healthier Strategic Objective

A Healthier Scotland

The Government's Healthier Strategic Objective is to help people to sustain and improve their health, especially in disadvantaged communities, ensuring better, local and faster access to health care.

People living in Scotland should enjoy the best physical and mental health they can, free from preventable illness and disability. Good health and wellbeing is vital in delivering our Purpose. We want to make Scotland healthier by tackling health inequalities and supporting healthier lifestyles and choices, complemented by early interventions and anticipatory, responsive services.

In doing so, we will contribute to the Purpose by:

  • Raising healthy life expectancy
  • Increasing the productivity of Scotland's workforce
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Improving public sector efficiency
  • Increasing participation in the labour market by reducing the number of people on incapacity benefit


Our aim is to challenge the health inequalities that currently exist in Scotland, including the gap in healthy life expectancy, to improve the life chances that are needed to support better health. It also means achieving sustainable, world-leading quality in healthcare, ensuring that people are able to be in their own homes and communities when possible and appropriate, and that they have a safe and good experience of healthcare services. In response to increasing demands and expectations, Scotland's health and care services must continue to harness the most advanced technology and treatments and put these within reach of all of those who need them.

Healthier Outcomes

Healthier Outcomes

We aim to deliver a Healthier Scotland through all 16 National Outcomes, with a focus on the following: