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National Performance

Scotland Performs

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National Indicators

National Indicators enable us to track progress towards the achievement of our National Outcomes and ultimately the delivery of the Purpose.

Indicators have been chosen to show how we are progressing on the range of Outcomes. Wherever possible we have selected Indicators that come from existing datasets to allow us to understand progress and trends over time.

The 55 National Indicators do not provide comprehensive measurement of every activity undertaken to achieve the Outcomes and Purpose. Instead they are a carefully chosen set which we believe most clearly shows progress towards the achievement of a more successful and prosperous Scotland.

National Indicators


Increase the number of businesses

up Improve the quality of healthcare experience

Increase exports

Reduce the percentage of adults who smoke

Improve digital infrastructure

d Reduce alcohol related hospital admissions
Reduce traffic congestion

Reduce the number of individuals with problem drug use

Improve Scotland's reputation

Improve people's perceptions about the crime rate in their area

Increase research and development spending

l Reduce reconviction rates

Improve knowledge exchange from university research

Reduce crime victimisation rates

Improve the skill profile of the population

d Reduce deaths on Scotland's roads
Reduce underemployment l

Improve people's perceptions of the quality of public services

up Reduce the proportion of employees earning less than the Living Wage l Improve the responsiveness of public services

Reduce the pay gap

l Reduce the proportion of individuals living in poverty

Increase the proportion of pre-school centres receiving positive inspection reports

l Reduce children's deprivation

Increase the proportion of schools receiving positive inspection reports

up Improve access to suitable housing options for those in housing need

Improve levels of educational attainment


Increase the number of new homes

Increase the proportion of young people in learning, training or work

up Widen use of the Internet

Increase the proportion of graduates in positive destinations

Improve people's perceptions of their neighbourhood

Improve children's services

Increase cultural engagement

Improve children's dental health

l Improve the state of Scotland's historic sites

Increase the proportion of babies with a healthy birth weight

Improve access to local greenspace

Increase the proportion of healthy weight children

Increase people's use of Scotland's outdoors

Increase physical activity

Improve the condition of protected nature sites

Improve self-assessed general health

d Increase the abundance of terrestrial breeding birds: biodiversity

Improve mental wellbeing

l Increase natural capital

Reduce premature mortality

l Improve the state of Scotland's marine environment
l Improve end of life care

Reduce Scotland's carbon footprint

Improve support for people with care needs

l Increase the proportion of journeys to work made by public or active transport

Reduce emergency admissions to hospital

d Reduce waste generated
    up Increase renewable electricity production

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