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Scotland Performs

PLEASE NOTE: The new and updated National Performance Framework can now be found at the following link:

The webpages found on this site (below) are for the old National Performance Framework and report on the old National Indicators. Although not all indicators which are reported on the old website are reported on the new website, there is some overlap of indicators between the old and the new National Performance Framework

​The National Performance Framework measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland. It allows you to judge for yourself how Scotland is doing against a wide range of indicators set out in the National Performance Framework (NPF).

The indicators provide a broad measure of national and societal wellbeing, incorporating a range of economic, social and environmental indicators and targets which are updated as soon as the data are available. You can use the information to assess progress towards the Scottish Government’s Purpose and National Outcomes.


Column 1

The Government's Purpose

The Scottish Government’s Purpose sets out the direction and ambition for Scotland.


National Outcomes

16 National Outcomes describe what the Scottish Government wants to achieve and the kind of Scotland we want to see.

About the NPF

A summary of how the NPF was developed, why it is important, who it impacts on and how it covers National Wellbeing.

Column 2

Purpose Targets

Purpose Targets are high level targets that show progress towards the Government's Purpose.

National Indicators

55 National Indicators enable us to track progress towards the Purpose and National Outcomes.

Scotland Performs: NHSScotland

NHS Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standards 2015/16 contribute towards delivery of the Purpose and National Outcomes.

Column 3

Strategic Objectives

5 Strategic Objectives describe where we will focus our actions.


Performance at a Glance

An 'at a glance' snapshot of how Scotland and the Government are doing.


Aligned frameworks

Examples of other Scottish Government frameworks that contribute to the delivery of our Purpose and National Outcomes.

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