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National Performance

Scotland Performs

PLEASE NOTE: The new and updated National Performance Framework can now be found at the following link:

National Performance Framework

The National Performance Framework provides a clear vision for Scotland with broad measures of national wellbeing covering a range of economic, health, social and environmental indicators and targets.

Our vision for a successful Scotland is described and measured in five parts which support and reinforce each other.

  • The Scottish Government's Purpose sets out the direction and ambition for Scotland
  • Purpose Targets are high level targets that show progress towards the Purpose
  • Strategic Objectives describe where we will focus our actions
  • National Outcomes describe what the Scottish Government wants to achieve and the kind of Scotland we want to see
  • National Indicators enable us to track progress towards the Purpose and National Outcomes

Scotland Performs is the Scottish Government's online tool for reporting on progress on overall delivery of its Purpose and National Outcomes.

The National Performance Framework (NPF)

Downloadable document:

Title:National Performance Framework - an outcomes-based approach, measuring what matters
Description:Purpose and Strategic Objectives of Government.
File:National Performance Framework (March 2016) [PDF, 70.2 kb: 18 Mar 2016]
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